James Hopkins Marketing

Founder of QV-Marketing

QV-Marketing operates as a digital marketing agency with a strong focus on local business development

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

This is the blog of James Hopkins, the Founder of QV-Marketing and James Hopkins Coaching Limited
This blog will cover a number of topics that relate to digital marketing, as this is the focus of Hopkins’ first business venture, QV-Marketing, which he set up in 2016.

QV-Marketing operates as a digital marketing agency with a strong focus on local business development, delivering a high return on investment for companies with small or modest advertising budgets. Working with companies with budgets as low as $50 per week, QV-Marketing is a specialist in marketing for local businesses, helping them with their lead generation strategies, customer acquisition and – ultimately – enabling them to reach their long-term business goals.

Having founded QV-Marketing, James Hopkins gained extensive digital marketing expertise – particularly using Facebook ads, Google ads, email marketing, web design and Linkedin. As such, this blog will explore how small business owners can use Facebook advertising to their advantage, sharing tips and tricks to maximise every marketing opportunity.

Social Media Marketing

This blog will also cover the topic of digital marketing in a broader sense, exploring exactly what it is and why it has become essential in business. How digital advertising became such a powerful tool for the modern-day business owner, and how its potential can be maximised, will also be discussed.

This blog will share advice about setting up a digital marketing agency, exploring how to start a business in the industry and the related pros and cons. After the success of setting up his own digital marketing agency, Hopkins went on to establish his second business: James Hopkins Coaching Limited.

Hopkins is the Founder, CEO, Director and Head Coach of this successful coaching business, which teaches clients how to build their own digital advertising business. Building on his own knowledge gained from QV-Marketing, Hopkins shares his marketing expertise through a training program of his own design: The Lifestyle Marketeer Program. The aim of the program is to help people from all around the world to change their lives – gaining financial freedom and location independence – by setting up their own online marketing businesses.

James Hopkins Coaching Limited has already been a great success since it was established in 2018, generating almost $1,000,000 in sales and reaching more than 3 million people with the program’s message.