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Garrett and Devan

Garrett and Devan are an expat couple who chose a traveling lifestyle over the traditional route that most Americans take.

They met abroad in Vietnam and were both teaching English at a language center. They got tired of teaching and were pretty much over their jobs when they came to James Hopkins Marketing.

Garrett says they didn’t want to keep teaching just to stay abroad and be unfulfilled.

It came to a point where they got annoyed with teaching as a whole and the entire process of going to a job and being stuck in the teaching profession.

They were teaching for three and a half years and it was just really exhausting for both of them.

Devan was a kindergarten teacher at an international school and it left her with zero energy at the end of the day.

Garrett had two full time jobs where he would work from 7:30 am to about 4:30 pm in one job and then he would work the second job at a language center from 6 pm to 9 pm.

His goal was to save up money to get out of the jobs, but overall it wasn’t working.

He was constantly exhausted and ultimately didn’t really care to do the jobs.

The constant work left them with little time to see each other. They wanted to change that so they could see each other more, as well as travel more.

One of the biggest problems they faced was that the teaching skills weren’t transferable elsewhere except maybe teaching back home.

They wanted to return to the states or continue to travel but with transferable skills they could apply to new jobs or ventures.

“Playing with balls and flash cards with kids.. It doesn’t really make you that hireable when you get home”, says Garrett.

They wanted to get involved with something different before they went back home.

Before coming to James Hopkins Marketing, they looked at selling products on Amazon using a method called Amazon FBA.

They bought a course to learn the methods and skills, which Garrett says wasn’t transferable either. The best they could do with the course was break even on how much they were spending and making back.

They concluded that it wasn’t the right business model for them especially considering the course they bought lacked the support they needed to get the result they desired.

When they came to James Hopkins Marketing, they were already primed to jump in.

Because they had previously invested in an online course, they knew that an extensive program with training, strategies, 1-1 support, coaching calls, and a group community was going to benefit them more than just a simple course.

“We had the opposite experience that we had with the Amazon FBA course”, says Devan on why they enjoy their experience with the program.

One thing that stood out to them was the skills they were going to learn from James Hopkins Marketing that they could use wherever they go, even back home.

Collectively, they worked on the program whenever they could. Garrett would squeeze in learning and going through the training during his breaks in the classroom as well as in between his jobs.

Devan would work on it during her off hours as well

They got their first client each (so two clients), within the first few weeks.

They were able to then turn those clients into paying clients and it led to them building their business from there.

From that point, they landed two more clients which brought them to $6,000/month in revenue together.

This led to some amazing milestones for them.

One of those milestones was that they were able to both quit their jobs. The other milestone was that they were able to take their new skill set and return home to the States.

Finally, they can travel, explore, and have new experiences, while creating an income every month with the skills they learned from James Hopkins Marketing.

They have plans to grow the business as well as to take the skills and knowledge and apply it to future projects that might pop up.
Now, they have the freedom and opportunity to do what they want to do, when they want, with complete control over their lives.

Lara M

Lara is an incredible marketer helping local businesses across the world.

But before coming to James Hopkins Marketing, she had zero experience in marketing.

Originally from Birmingham in the UK, Lara has been living in Chiang Mai, Thailand for over 4 years now.

When she came to Chiang Mai, she took a sales management role to help fund her lifestyle.

Lara was able to live in the city she wanted, but she quickly became aware that her job had a ceiling on it.

There was no room for growth or moving up the ladder in the job she was in. The only she could expand is by becoming a partner of the company which would require a huge investment which she didn’t have.

Without any room for progressional growth, it didn’t make sense for her to stay on that salary.

More importantly, she was getting ready to have a baby with her partner and that of course comes with new expenses like diapers, wipes, clothes, and other essentials.

Unless she went the self-employed route, Lara wasn’t going to be able to help provide care at home. With a baby on the way, it was imperative that she could be home to help her family.

Lara experimented with a dropshipping store selling dog products prior to coming to James Hopkins Marketing.

In her mind, she knew there was a possibility to make more money in less time which is why she explored the idea of dropshipping, but she didn’t have the right direction with it and quickly found that it was insanely competitive.

But she wasn’t going to give up making money online because she saw so many people able to do it.

For Lara, she didn’t wonder if it was possible to make money online. She says what she cared about was “show me how to do it”

The business model of digital advertising for local businesses appealed to her because not only was she able to make more money than she could working a job, she was going to enjoy doing it.

Happiness is very important to Lara and the kind of work she does.

Without any previous marketing experience, she thought logically and knew she could follow a proven path to build her new business.

She jumped in to the program with James Hopkins Marketing to get the help she needed to start a digital marketing business without wasting time.

She set a goal in the first 10 weeks to make £500. But within the first month, she made £600 which surpassed her goal far faster than she thought she would.

Her next goal was to earn $5000 in the next 6 months.

In total, Lara has 7 clients with 4 of those clients on recurring retainers. This means that these 4 clients are paying her every month.

With all of her clients, she’s earning $5,500 per month from those clients, exceeding her goal of $5000.

She did all of this while working a full time job! Now, she is quitting her job where she worked 8 hours per day, to only working 1-2 hours per day on her business.

This gives her 6 extra hours to spend time with her baby every day.

Not to mention, she gets to do fun things like travel with family to Singapore and spend time with her loved ones.

Lara’s achievements with James Hopkins Marketing are not out of the ordinary. She proves that anyone with zero experience in marketing and a full time job can create lifestyle freedom and location independence for themselves.


When Niall came to James Hopkins Marketing, he was already teaching for 2 years in Vietnam.

The ireland native had an exciting time meeting new people and having experiences. But he knew long-term, that he couldn’t see himself teaching.

He wanted a change so he made the decision to explore different things that are out there.

Niall had actually joined the email list of James Hopkins Marketing and was receiving educational information for eight months before he ever decided to jump in.

He was exploring different opportunities and ways to create an income that would give him, not only a better lifestyle, but a skillset he could use.

He wanted to get away from teaching. While it paid the bills, he wanted to be free in terms of where he could live and be his own boss. That’s not something he could do with teaching long term.

Niall actually has a background in corporate law, but living in Vietnam, he could only find jobs as a teacher.

Ultimately, he wanted something more and knew he could provide value in a different area.

He came across another Marketeer in his city in Vietnam and got in touch with him, but didn’t know he had joined James Hopkins Marketing.

His fellow Marketeer explained that he was creating an income online. Niall wasn’t sure about what was going on but was curious about what he was doing.

TIme had passed when Niall ran into this Marketeer again and at this point, this individual was doing really well inside the program.

Niall wanted that for his life and wanted a serious change which led him to jumping into the program.

He understands that not everyone will have a real world encounter with someone inside the program and admits that was to his benefit.

Once he jumped in, he found the community to be full of others just like that Marketeer he met in person who were extremely helpful and supportive.

When he went head first into the program and training from James Hopkins Marketing, he took action immediately.

Niall started sending out messages and very quickly he was getting on strategy sessions with potential prospects.

Within 60 days he had landed multiple clients, netting him $4,100 per month for his new digital advertising business.

He knows that teaching gave him money to live in Vietnam. But his knew business gave him something that he can take back home to Europe and create a lifestyle of freedom with.

Even more so, he feels more fulfilled in the work that he’s doing now.

“When I get a client onboard, it’s a great sensation. When I get a client results, it’s an even better sensation” says Niall.

He’s able to make more plans with friends and family to have more life experiences, without being bogged down by a boss that limits his schedule.

Overall, Niall has experienced growth that has made him happy to have that encounter months ago when he met that Marketeer.

The decision he made from that casual run-in has led to an amazing change in his life.

Now, he gets to live a lifestyle of freedom, in control of his schedule while loving what he does to help business owners.

Peter Goldsmith

Peter Goldsmith has been an amazing teacher and loving the expat life for decades.

The London native has been living in Bangkok for the past 34 years.

When he came to James Hopkins Marketing, he didn’t want to completely quit his teaching job that he has loved doing, but he had plans of reducing his teaching workload over the coming 10-15 years.

His vision for creating an additional income stream was much larger.

As an expat for a few decades, he has never had a pension building up to give him an income in his later years.

Without any huge savings, he needed to create his own “pension plan” that would enable him to continue his expat lifestyle with his family.

This is the power of creating an additional income stream. Essentially, you get to create the income you want for the purpose that makes the most sense to you.

For Peter, not having to get another job after teaching just to have more stable money coming in is important to him.

His new pension plan isn’t just about saving money, it’s about creating an income every month.

Coming in to James Hopkins Marketing and learning the new skill set of digital advertising was a way for Peter to create his “pension”.

On his new skill set, Peter says “when I talk to friends of mine, they have no idea what I’m doing. It’s a skill that is something you can sell.”

By making the choice to change his outcome, he has been in control of his income and what he desires for his life.

Long term, he plans to transition out of teaching while his digital advertising business income increases.

“I’ve got time. The program really helps me to develop that way”, Peter says about the long term potential of the business.

Because of Peter’s situation, he understood that he didn’t need to rush into building a huge business. He could take his time, learn the ins and outs of digital advertising, the tools, the strategies, and how to implement them to get clients and get results for them.

Before James Hopkins Marketing, Peter thought he was going to have to work another job for 10 years to build a cushion of income, but now he doesn’t have to go down that route.

“The lifestyle that the Marketeer program offers, was definitely another step up. And that takes us from being comfortable to really enjoying those days of gray hair” he says, referring to the comfort and security he and his family gets from the new business.

After 12 weeks in the program, Peter had already brought in 9 clients. In fact, he has so many that he can’t even track it all. His wife does that for them!

Peter has been helping tutors get more students. One of his clients brought in 10 new students after Peter built out campaigns that only spent $110.

These kinds of results Peter has been getting from the training he has learned from James Hopkins Marketing is what has been keeping his clients happy.

Peter loves that he can take it slow through the program and still get results.

“It’s turned me into a very very different, much more confident, much more productive person than I’ve been in the past” Peter says referring to how the program has changed his life and brought him out of isolation.

Great decisions lead to great results.

Peter proves that age is just a number. Today, he is enjoying life more than ever as an expat, building his income and enjoying his lifestyle with his family.

Nick Chapman

The England native Nick Chapman has been living in Thailand for over 2 and a half years now.

Nick is a bit different from those who come to James Hopkins Marketing.

With entrepreneurial tendencies, he actually wasn’t motivated by money when he came into the program.

He wanted to bet on himself and create something more.

With an eye and passion for design, Nick Chapman started an online web design shop.

He loves the marketing side of things – getting leads and customers for businesses, including his own!

Nick didn’t want to waste his time just fiddling around with design. He still wanted to make money doing it, even though it wasn’t a huge motivation for him.

“If I’m going to be spending time doing something, I want to be earning a reasonable income, because that’s what I’m used to and I want to combine it with my passion for marketing and my passion for design”, says Nick.

When he took the step to coming into James Hopkins Marketing, he had an array of opportunities to make money with his new skill set.

His goal was to use the skills he would learn from James to grow his web design business so he could get more clients.

On top of that, he would use the skills to get more leads for his existing clients.

After jumping in, he quickly generated an additional $2,500 per month to his total revenue by implementing marketing campaigns for his clients.

What does Nick think about all of this?

He says “it’s absolutely brilliant to be generating $2,500 per month with pushing a few buttons and a lot of automations. It’s fantastic. I love it.”

Nick was able to hit the ground running as soon as he jumped into the course. He hadn’t even finished going through the training when he started getting clients within two weeks and began getting results for them.

Nick saw that he could price his service accordingly to not stretch himself thin and still bring in revenue he was happy with.

He’s been able to get clients and help them with different methods like LinkedIn services or Facebook ad campaigns.

Learning new skills has given him the ability to explore different opportunities and expand his value to the marketplace.

As an expat, he’s been able to live a life of freedom at his villa in Thailand.

As much as he loves fitness and martial arts, it never truly gave him the freedom he was longing for. He had to show up at the gym and be there from 9-5 constantly training people.

With his new skill set from James Hopkins Marketing, he can work when he wants or go jet skiing when he feels the urge.

Now he has the location independence and freedom from doing something else that he really enjoys. Of course, he still has the passion for fitness.

But now, he doesn’t have to let the gym or a boss control his time.

Nick Chapman is in full control of how he spends his day.

Jack McGinnell

Jack McGinnell is a young 22 year old expat living in Spain.
He’s the perfect example of a hungry individual who was seeking change for his life before James Hopkins Marketing popped up on his radar.

Jack admits that he was no good in school. So he left school and begin working in a bedroom furniture store.

He was making 1000 euros per month doing very difficult manual labor, just scraping by.

What made matters worse for Jack?

He was surrounded by friends who all knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives with clearly mapped out career paths.

“It felt like I was the only person in the whole of Spain who didn’t have a career path. Honestly, that was my biggest worry in life… was that I just didn’t know what I wanted to do”, explains Jack.

But when Jack came across James Hopkins Marketing, his eyes were opened up to a whole new path that was possible for him.

He knew he had an opportunity to change his life and immediately jumped right in.

Jack got his first client within his first month in the program.

He ran a two week campaign for them and just after the first day of starting the campaign, he got them 24 leads!

One of the company’s bosses was so excited she had to tell others in the office about it.

This was a huge win for Jack and gave him amazing confidence in his ability to get results for clients.

He ended up realizing he can’t put all his “eggs in one basket” as he says, referring to the fact that he got comfortable.

He decided to push ahead with the advice received from James Hopkins Marketing and built momentum in his business by doing his daily activities.

The result from that actionable advice?

Jack landed 5 clients paying him $4,600/month consistently, working only with people he wants to work with.

This is important because Jack gets to work with industries he’s passionate about serving, like martial arts and real estate.

And because there are “endless amounts of opportunities” to speak to potential clients simply by following the training, Jack knows his business will be around for a long time.

Overall, this has made Jack a much happier person.

“I was a very different person. I was very negative. Just being able to be comfortable with what I do knowing I’ve got a road to follow and a career path, I’m so much happier now” says Jack on his experience before and after coming into James Hopkins Marketing.

The significance of building your own digital advertising business is more than just about income.

Jack fully understands the ups and downs of building your business. “The rocky road of being a business owner now is what I thrive in.”

He knows that it’s no walk in the park, but that it’s totally worth it because of how much his life has changed from jumping into the program.

Now, it doesn’t even feel like work for him. He simply enjoys every day focusing on helping business owners.

For anyone who is looking at making a complete change to their lifestyle both in income and personal growth, then listen to the words of Jack McGinnell.

“Just do it”.

Bradley Robinson

Bradley Robinson, a native South African, had grand plans of living abroad and traveling the world.

He spent over a year and a half teaching in Vietnam when he realized he wanted something more for his life that didn’t include being in a classroom.

He never wanted teaching to be permanent. In fact, it was never his goal to begin with!

Bradley got into teaching because it was a good opportunity at the time to go explore Asia for a bit and make some money.

But didn’t want to be stuck in the same place, working as a teacher, constantly hitting the ceiling financially.

He wanted to travel more, explore more places, and not be tied down to any one location.

Bradley wanted to learn a specific set of skills that he could take anywhere he wanted without worrying about how he was going to make money.

Before Bradley came across James Hopkins Marketing, he simply took on more hours while teaching.

As anyone knows, taking on more hours only works to a certain extent.

Bradley was fully aware that he could make only a little bit more money with it because there are only so many hours in the day.

After that, you hit a cap and can’t make more money.

Bradley reached a turning point when he hit a level of exhaustion, working 7 days a week, working constantly and not really socializing.

He would “eat one meal, and then work, get home late, and do it again the next day.”

The horrible routine he experienced was enough for him to want to make a serious change in his life.

Bradley jumped into James Hopkins Marketing once he realized he was ready to improve his life and begin learning new skills to change the trajectory of his reality.

Because he had a background in personal training for a bit, he chose that niche to put his new skills to the test.

He got his first client in the personal training niche and used the opportunity to get results for them, and bring on one client after the next.

Bradley took the approach of getting a volume of clients at a lower price point.

So today he’s averaging around 9 clients per month on recurring retainers, which nets him around $5000 per month consistently.

The monthly recurring revenue is important because this has given him financial security to make choices, like quitting his teaching job to go all in on his new business.

The work that Bradley has put in from the skill set he learned from James Hopkins Marketing has led to an amazing lifestyle.

The South African native has not only been able to quit his teaching job permanently, but he can now travel as much as he wants to locations across the world.

What makes it awesome is that Bradley gets to explore different locations like Mauritius, Bali, and Zimbabwe whenever he pleases.

He has the freedom to do what he wants because he took action and built an income that gives him the ability to dictate his lifestyle on his own terms.