When you can build the proper service for your clients in your social media digital marketing business, it can make the process far easier to not only sell them on the service itself, but to make it better for your client to know what they’re going to get from you.


We focus heavily on providing amazing services for clients and it’s something we teach extensively to students at James Hopkins Coaching.


Businesses don’t thrive unless they are put in the position to grow. And this comes down to what they’re doing to get their business out there in the marketplace.


So the services you provide must be designed to create a huge result for your client, because if they don’t, chances are your client won’t stay on for your help much longer.


With the methods we teach at James Hopkins Coaching, we lean on the fact that clients will return to you if you provide an amazing customer experience. 


The best businesses are the ones who build and thrive on excellent customer service and experiences.


So it’s vital to make sure that the service you provide is top notch quality so you can help them get the results they want, while maximizing your ability to keep providing the service to them for a long period of time.


Truthfully, the best way to do that is to improve upon your service to always tweak it to make it better.


And in order to do that, you have to know what service to provide!


Understanding the correct service isn’t about you choosing what service to provide. Because in this case, you end up putting clients into a box, assuming that this is the solution for everyone, when it’s not really the case.


To figure out the best course of action for a client requires doing extensive research to understand the pains the business is experiencing.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we teach a process called market research that allows you to dive into what’s going on with a business in a particular niche so you have all of the information you need to help them.


What problems are they experiencing? 


Why can’t they solve it themselves?


What is preventing them from solving it on their own?


There are tons of different questions you can ask to better understand your niche’s target market, their customer avatar, and information that gives you the knowledge you need to help the market.


When you have this, you can figure out where the market’s customers are online and where they’re spending their time.


Then you can know exactly where to target them and how to put the proper advertising in front of them.


We don’t shy away from learning everything there is to know about a niche market at James Hopkins Coaching.


We want everyone to have as much information as possible, because then you can make a well-informed decision about what the market needs to get their services out to their target market.


When you are equipped with the right knowledge, you’ll know what service you can provide because you already know what can make the difference for them, solving their problems, and leading them to their desired situation.