LinkedIn is an amazing platform that is used worldwide to put employers and companies in contact with employees and future employees.

Originally, that was the focus of the platform.

But the platform has grown in popularity because it connects businesses with OTHER businesses.

So it’s not just a water cooler for for employees to chat on.

It’s a place where business transactions occur.

And this is what makes the platform so amazing.

At James Hopkins Marketing, we focus heavily on teaching Facebook strategies, Google strategies, and of course, LinkedIn strategies.

LinkedIn is an incredible platform where you can provide services to connect business owners with other businesses when you follow the right methods.

Clients want help on LinkedIn because they know their target market is on there. It allows them to always have potential prospects to speak to.

You can easily see who is open to a conversation just by how receptive they are to a message.

We teach a process at James Hopkins Marketing called LinkedIn As A Service, where you connect your clients with their potential prospects that can turn into customers.

What’s amazing about this LinkedIn service is that it is easy to sell because clients can see the value in it immediately.

This is how it works…

1. You set up their LinkedIn account with automated introduction messages to their target prospects
2. You set up their account so that it automatically connects with their target audience
3. It connects with 1000+ people every month and sends the intro message to the ones who accept the connection request
4. When your client gets a reply to their inbox, all they have to do is reply and set up an appointment that turns them into a closed sale

Your goal is to get your client’s inbox buzzing with inbound leads every month.

It’s your client’s responsibility to turn them into customers!

The client doesn’t know how to properly set this up or how to tweak it to make it more effective, so they need your help in doing it.

The best part is, once you set this up, it’s smooth sailing from there. It requires very minimal upkeep to maintain it.

You just make tweaks to the service to get BETTER results for your client while they keep landing the sale.

And once you have set up and dialed in, you can easily implement the same service for more clients.

You can also charge higher prices because it works with markets that charge higher prices.

Think about what businesses are on LinkedIn…

Real estate agents.


Financial planners.

These kinds of businesses will pay higher prices like $1500+ per month because landing one customer is worth more than that fee to them.

At James Hopkins Marketing, we teach all of our students to sell this at these prices immediately because the process is proven and clients can understand how it works pretty easily.

Nearly every industry that’s on LinkedIn can benefit from this service because it puts them in direct contact with those they can sell to.

Overall, it’s a great service to sell if you are looking to really build a new online business (or add to your existing one).