You’ve made the decision to set up your own digital company!


You’re excited to get started and feel like there are endless opportunities around you.


But where can you find them?


What must you do to discover the upcoming digital niches around you?


This is where the James Hopkins Coaching team can help. 


Our team help clients source a range of upcoming digital niches, providing your clients with the opportunity to benefit from each. 


So, what can you do to find upcoming digital niches?


First, you must begin with something you are interested in. 


Don’t waste your time scanning through the thousands of internet posts about generic niches. 


Instead, find something that interests you.


You will not only have a greater knowledge of this particular area, but you will be able to distinguish where it needs improvement. 


If you choose a market you have little interest in, not only will you feel bored throughout your process, but you’re significantly less likely to succeed in that area. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, we often recommend using a brainstorm to find your passions.


Often, your passion will be right in front of you the whole time and yet, you won’t realise it until it’s down on paper. 


Don’t follow the trends, follow your passions. 


Once you have listed all of your passions down, you can begin researching what they are like from a digital perspective.


One of the best ways of doing this is through social media. Look through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


What do people like about these niches? Is there any room for improvement?


Take notes on each and begin finding different areas that could be improved. Each of these is a potential gap in a digital market. 


As you begin to double-down within a particular digital niche, start talking to people. Find out if there’s a demand for change. Have you personally experienced any problems? Have others reported it on social media? Has it been reported in the news?


This is a great way to discover upcoming niches which are usually relatively untapped. 


These untapped markets are exactly what clients look for at James Hopkins Coaching. 


The greater the demand and lower the competition, the better the opportunity. 


After you have found your gap in a particular digital niche, begin examining trends in that market.


If you find that a particular trend matches the research you have conducted yourself, it’s time to take action. 


To truly get the very most out of these opportunities, you must take full advantage of social media. 


With the help of the James Hopkins Coaching team, you can begin to understand the true power of social media and the ways in which it can be used to find upcoming trends.


People voice their opinions on these platforms first. All it takes is one person to realise and make a change. 


If you are able to spot these upcoming digital trends before anyone else in the market, you set yourself up for a very successful future!