If you haven’t heard it by now, screen time isn’t good for you. 


Spending too much time on a screen significantly increases the amount of “blue light” we are exposed to. 


This blue light decreases the quality of our sleep which therefore decreases our performance. 


So how can you decrease your screen time while managing a digital business? After all, you need to work with a screen to go about your day to day operations.


At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe that managing a digital business and limiting your screen time is all about balance. 


Whilst it may be difficult, you should always try to give yourself consistent screen breaks throughout the day.


Looking at the screen for too long without a break can leave your eyes feeling “sleepy” or in some individuals may even become slightly painful.


By taking regular breaks throughout the day, you can limit the length of time in which you’re looking at a screen.


In general, we would advise using your breaks to go for a walk, go for a coffee, or simply sit in a different room and relax. 


No matter what you do, it’s important to limit your screen time. Leave your phone and other devices in a different room and simply enjoy being in the now. 


At James Hopkins Coaching we have found that by taking a few screen breaks throughout the day, our clients are able to significantly improve their productivity when they’re actually working.


Although this can be hard, building a routine around breaks is crucial. 


In addition to this, it is also crucial to limit screen time before bed. 


Many individuals struggle with their sleep as they’re on their mobile devices until they go to sleep. 


Not only does this overstimulate your brain, but it also decreases the overall quality of your sleep. 


Rather than looking at your phone before bed, we advise removing all screens from your routine around an hour before you go to sleep.


The James Hopkins Coaching team have found that when individuals make this change, they report feeling refreshed in the morning, rather than feeling groggy and tired. 


Rather than looking at a screen, you should take the time to read a book, listen to a podcast or spend time with your family. 


All of these activities will benefit you in other areas of your life and before you know it you’ll be feeling refreshed and happier after each sleep. 


Whilst we understand that balancing sleep and screen time as a business owner can be difficult, it is something you must do in the long run.


One question we’re commonly asked at James Hopkins Coaching is “But what if a client messages me and I need to respond?”.


The reality is, outside of your standard working hours you should focus on yourself. 


What your client needs can usually (if not always) wait until tomorrow.


The more you wait until tomorrow, the less uncomfortable it will feel. 


Rather than worrying about a message, simply sit back, relax and turn your phone off altogether.