QV-Marketing is a UK-based company that was established to help small businesses generate a strong online presence. QV-Marketing identifies the marketing strategies and elements that are best suited to each business, ensuring they are able to thrive moving forwards.

With many years of expertise in the world of digital marketing and online entrepreneurship, QV-Marketing makes sure that its clients are being seen by the right people – i.e. potential customers. QV-Marketing offers a range of services, from helping to craft excellent social media ad campaigns to managing a complete website redesign.

The team at QV-Marketing works tirelessly to ensure success for each client, and the company’s custom packages are tailored specifically to meet the individual client’s needs. All of the components that QV-Marketing completes are designed to work together seamlessly, delivering excellent results every time.

Strategic Marketing Plans

QV-Marketing can design a digital marketing plan that focuses on the long-term goals of the business, plotting out how to get to the end goal. The QV-Marketing team learns all there is to know about the individual business, using its digital expertise to craft a plan that will lead it to success.

Lead Generation and Sales Funnel Development

QV-Marketing shares its expertise to ensure that the business is being seen by the right people. Generating new leads is essential to the success of every business, so QV-Marketing helps companies to create a stream of new leads, working to convert them into loyal customers.

Email Marketing, Social Media Ads and Social Media Management

QV-Marketing helps its clients to create strong email marketing campaigns, as well as using social media advertisements to target the ideal customer, ultimately generating leads and sales. QV-Marketing also offers social media management, using these platforms to connect with potential customers on a regular basis.

Google AdWords Campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

QV-Marketing designs targeted Google AdWords campaigns that cleverly position a business in front of interested parties and potential customers by appearing at the top of relevant Google searches. QV-Marketing’s SEO services also aim to get a company greater visibility on search engine results pages.

Website Design, Landing Page Design & Hosting, and Website Traffic Analysis

QV-Marketing also offers a range of services that relate to web design, hosting and analysis.