There are loads of online business models that are out there. A simple Google search will show tons of different models to choose from in generating an income.


But the biggest thing you have to focus on when starting an online business is finding the right model that works for you and your lifestyle.


At James Hopkins Marketing, we focus mainly on an online business model that brings in a lot of cash very quickly, but that is heavily focused on providing real value while serving your lifestyle.


So it needs to be something that not only helps your life to become better, but also the lives of your customers.


The right business model that can do this is something that you can depend on for decades to come because it brings real value to people.


There are many online business models out there that do not bring enough value to people.


They’re simply designed to make money for the person selling it, but without any longevity to the business. This is because it doesn’t provide any real value to people. We’re really against that at James Hopkins Marketing because we know that’s unethical.


And when you sell a product that is simply designed to benefit the seller and not the consumer, you don’t have recurring customers.


What ends up happening is that customers disappear because no one wants the product anymore. And then you have to come up with a new product each and every time.


But when you focus on the right business model that focuses on helping customers, then you have a real, tangible business that never goes out of style. At James Hopkins Marketing, we steer clear of businesses that rely on constantly coming up with new products and services and instead just focus on one core, powerful service.


It will constantly have new customers while old customers return, because they need what you have to offer.


And when you focus on a business model like this, clients will pay 4 figure prices to get the result they need because the result they’re looking for far outweighs the price.


In fact, the price they pay is trivial compared to the value they get from a service like this.


So what is this amazing business model that brings in 4-figure paydays and has longevity to be a stable, long-term business?


This best online business model is one that focuses on providing social media marketing services for local businesses.


We focus mainly on this at James Hopkins Marketing because it’s a proven business model that has given freedom to so many people in our programs, not just myself.


It’s the best way to create financial freedom and income security so you can focus on enjoying life.


you don’t have to worry about ups and downs in the economy or if a service is going to be obsolete.


It will always be needed regardless of what happens in the world, like with COVID-19. We found that many of our students at James Hopkins Marketing got more clients during the lockdowns across the world because local businesses were in desperate need for help in marketing their services to keep their operations running.


You don’t have to start any business to be successful. You just have to start the right one. When you do this correctly, you can set yourself up for success for years to come, whilst enjoying the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.