When you first get started in business, it can be extremely difficult to develop your reputation within a particular niche. 


With so many businesses already available, at first you may be overlooked, with clients choosing your competitors over you. 


So how can you begin building your brand awareness and reputation?


The first action you should take is to receive some positive reviews. 


One of the best ways to do this, is to simply offer to complete a small project for free (or for a discount).


When you’re first getting established, getting these reviews is more important than making huge profits as they will help to build a foundation for your reputation.


You can do this through offering “promotional discounts” to a select few clients, or you can ask a friend/ family member that owns a business if they need some work done.


For example, if they own a private tuition business and you want to offer social media marketing, you can offer to create a small campaign for them. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, we have found that businesses that take time to build their reviews in the early stage will grow significantly faster than those who don’t.


Once you’ve built up a few reviews, you can use these on your website, and send them to clients who want to see past examples of your work. 


They will help to build the foundation for your reputation as well as provide you with a small portfolio to display to others. 


Another great way to enhance your brand awareness is through social media contests. 


It’s more than likely you have seen, if not entered a few of these before. 


You can create a campaign stating individuals must “Tag 2 friends, follow our page and share this post to enter”. The winner will receive one of your products or services as a result. 


At James Hopkins Coaching we have found that such campaigns are extremely popular and a great way to quickly increase your brand awareness.


As entering the competition takes little to no time, individuals are happy to do so.


If you want to take this further, you can also partner with a business who already have a high following on social media. 


This will increase the effectiveness of your contest and improve the amount of participation you receive. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, we believe that you should never focus on a single brand awareness campaign strategy. 


When you’re first getting started, try out multiple strategies to discover how your audience reacts. 


By trying out several options, you’re not placing all your eggs in one basket and you can also find out what type of strategy works for your business. 


We have found at James Hopkins Coaching that there is no ideal strategy for any business. 


Whilst certain strategies are more effective in certain niches, they may not necessarily work for your business. 


Conduct as many different campaigns as possible and soon you’ll find what works best for you.