When you set out to start an online business that helps others, it can feel like a huge, daunting task.


It might seem like you’re staring at a massive mountain that you need to climb in the dead of winter.


When people come to James Hopkins Marketing to start an online business, there is this rush they feel when they first come in.


It’s because they know that starting an online business is now a reality, whereas before they came in, it was just a dream.


And a dream is still a good thing. It means you want something for yourself that maybe others don’t have on their wish list.


But a dream is only a dream. It doesn’t mean anything until actions are taken to make it a reality. That’s the beauty of having a dream and working towards making it come true.


So with regards to starting an online business, there are a ton of resources available out there. And people can go and piece together resources to try and make things work, even if they don’t use our resources at James Hopkins Marketing.


Over time, like say a few years, it’s possible that it can work for them. But things can also change in a few years and that can affect the business from reaching success.


What I can tell you is that when you focus on the huge mountain that you have to climb, you forget what it takes to get there.


At the top of the mountain could be your successful business, sitting up there with its bright, shiny flag, glimmering in the sun.


But the rest of the mountain beneath the summit is dark and cloudy. You can’t even see the path up there because you can’t decipher what it is.


This is how people feel before they come to James Hopkins Marketing for help. And this isn’t to say that you need to join one of our programs.

My point is that the path can seem dark and cloudy, without any clear path forward. This is the result of a lack of direction. And I can honestly tell you that it’s not your fault.


Everyone needs help to find a clear path forward. Whether you’re a CEO of a massive corporation or you’re starting out with an online business from the comfort of your home, you need help to discover what you need to do to be successful.


But all you can do when you’re trying to figure things out is to just take one step at a time.


One step forward means far more than just climbing the mountain. Because you can’t physically climb the mountain unless you take that one step forward.


That’s why it’s so important to focus one step at a time. And the first step is never a leap, but it is a start.


For example, when people take the step to come into James Hopkins Marketing, we give them a series of steps to take to go from no business, to a business that has paying clients.


When you are starting from nothing it can seem like a huge task, but when you have steps laid out in front of you with a proven path, all you have to do is take it one step at a time.


And when you take enough steps, you’ll find yourself at the top, holding the flag of success, looking back at where you came.