Starting a business from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult or rocket science.

Some people think that there is a huge uphill battle, like pushing a massive boulder up a hill to get a business started.

But for most people, the issue isn’t if a business is difficult, it’s which business model to even go with.

It’s a question we get a lot at James Hopkins Marketing.

They instead start trying to do what everyone else is doing, without any guidance on what actually works.

Without the right help, it’s easy to walk aimlessly on the path without any real direction as to where they’re going.

When time is wasted walking aimlessly, you can find yourself going years without any results.

And at that point, it really does seem like it’s a huge uphill battle because you don’t know the reasons behind your errors.

Let’s look at a few different examples…

If you wanted to start an ecommerce business, how would you start it?

It’s easy to throw up a store online and put products on it. But how do you know what products to sell?

Once you have the products figured out, then how do you sell them? How do you take them to market? How do you maintain your margins without going in the red?

The same exact questions apply to other business models, like affiliate marketing or Amazon FBA.

Once you select a product to sell, what do you do to get it in front of your target market?

And how do you know you’re selling the right products?

And what about blogging?

If you were to start a blog, how would you make money with it?

Once you figure that out, how long will it take you to make money?

When it comes to blogs, you can find yourself spending years creating content before you ever start making money with it.

So how do you know which business model to do when there are so many available?

Without direction, the road to success can never be achieved.

The reason our students at James Hopkins Marketing are able to get results is because they follow a proven path.


1. Follow the training
2. Get help and support
3. Get their first client
4. Get results for their first client
5. Get a second client

THe key is to be able to follow this process without deviating from it. This means no “shiny object syndrome” where you’re jumping from one business model to another.

How do you do it?


Focus is the most important element people have to achieving success. It’s a big part of what we teach at James Hopkins Marketing.

Staying focus enables you to take action and ignore distractions that prevent you from reaching your goal.

The moment you get unfocused, is the moment you start to deviate from the path to success.

When you have a proven process, you can stay focused, working on the tasks you need to do that move the needle in your business.

If you can stay focused, you can build ANY business from scratch because you’ll be doing the work that actually creates results.

A focused business is a successful business.