Ever wondered why everyone says Facebook Advertising is so great?

Well, today I am going to give you a peak under the bonnet of the revolutionary platform! But first, let’s begin by identifying what makes Facebook such a powerful marketing tool in the first place.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with more than 2.05 Billion Users Worldwide.

It is used by most as a digital hangout to chat with friends, keep in touch with family and interact with businesses.

Let’s look at the stats:

More than 2 Billion active users

65% to 75% of Users are Adults

Average user uses Facebook 14 times per day!

There is no other marketing channel in the world that can compete with these stats!

These numbers alone should be enough to alert your brain to the fact that no matter who your target market is, they are almost certainly using Facebook.

The important thing is that you are hopefully beginning to recognize Facebook as a powerful method for reaching new and existing customers, right?

Let’s get into a little more detail. Can it really be a money-making machine? Are you really missing out on Thousands of $’s in lost revenue?

Let’s look at the facts that concern you:

60% of consumers visit your Facebook page before visiting your physical location

80% of consumers are more likely to buy from you if they see an active Facebook page

62% of consumers say that Facebook is the most important and useful social media channel to research small businesses

I bet those figures have made your jaw drop, right?

By not using Facebook to advertise your small business you’re missing out on a huge amount of potential sales!

 In 2018, many businesses are turning to Facebook ads as a way to boost the performance of their content. We found: 🔥

– 94% of businesses have invested in Facebook ads

– 67% of businesses intend to increase their social advertising budget in 2018

With Facebook organic reach falling, how do you get your Facebook content in front of more people? And not just any people, the right people — your target audience. Facebook ads. Here are five…

Facebook – The dream marketing platform

Before you just dive right in, you need to understand the fundamentals that makes Facebook a dream tool for business growth and brand exposure.

Facebook is designed mainly for social interactions. From day 1, they’ve been recording data on their users. This includes people’s interests and online activities.

Since the company was founded in 2004, every single Click, Like, Share and Comment that all 2 Billion users have completed has been recorded. This incredibly complex data makes up the most detailed web of intelligence ever created.

A detailed record of all users age, location, marital status, financial status, interests (And many more) is now available. And we can exploit it for our advertising gain. Essentially, it means we can now advertise our products and services to highly targeted audiences with highly targeted messages.

So, what exactly does this mean for you as a Small Business Owner?

Traditional marketing has INCREDIBLY high ad costs, is very risky and totally inflexible.

Meaning these channels are risky and often impossible for the average small business owners to explore.

I like to refer to traditional advertising channels (TV Ads, Billboards, Radio Ads) as a “Shotgun” style approach. There is no way of telling who will see the advert and so it must speak to all possible audiences.

Now, introducing Facebook Advertising as the Pin-Point accurate Sniper Rifle..

Using the data Facebook has gathered about its users over the last 14 years, we are able to target a highly specific audience with a highly specific message.

Unlike traditional marketing, we are able to show our adverts only to people interested in what we have to offer.

This drives down the cost of advertising massively as we no longer pay to reach the people who wouldn’t be interested in the first place. In essence, it means you can reach an audience of thousands of people with an advert that speaks directly to them.

And what makes it risk free is that you can start out with a budget as little as $2 per day!

Seriously, what do you have to lose?!

Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner.. No problem! Target people interested in “Eating out” or “Food”.

Let’s say you’re a fitness instructor.. No problem! Target people interested in “Fitness and Wellness” or “Gyms”.

Let’s say you’re an artificial grass fitter (a bit out there, but it demonstrates my point nicely..) No problem! We can target “Homeowners” who have recently searched for “Artificial Turf”.

That’s right.. I can sense your eye-balls opening wider and wider!

And what makes this platform an absolute NO BRAINER..

You can start RIGHT NOW with whatever change you have in your pocket!

However, with that being said.. There are still strategies to follow to avoid the “black hole” of Facebook Advertising.

The ability for Small Business Owners to run their own advertising attracts MILLIONS of new advertisers to compete with every year.

A monstrous percentage of these people spend money on Facebook and don’t see a single penny back. This is very normal but certainly not something I want to happen to you.

So, I would like to invite you to read my following article titled “The 3 Crucial Components to Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns” before you even attempt to do any of this yourself.

I have dedicated my life to perfecting the art of Digital Marketing and the best introduction for traditional business owners to experience what this amazing world has to offer is through a Free Strategy Call with myself.