Digital advertising is the best online business model and there’s no doubt about it. It’s a big reason why people come to James Hopkins Marketing for help.

Businesses want customers.

It’s that simple!

Businesses NEED customers in order to survive, and businesses don’t just want to “survive”, otherwise they wouldn’t be in business to begin with.

They built their business to grow so they need more customers in order to do that. If they don’t have customers, they have to shut the business down.

As a digital advertiser, you prevent that from happening because you enable them to grow with the services you provide.

You give them the chance to build their business to levels they have never seen before. This is where the strategies from James Hopkins Marketing are really helpful.

This is the amazing part about being a digital advertiser. It’s more than just about money for yourself. You get to take care of others and help them improve their lives.

Businesses in all types of industries can charge prices in various ranges.

Some businesses might charge $2000-$10,000 per client. Think about real estate, mortgage brokers, lawyers, dentists, financial advisors, etc.

Others might charge $50 per customer, but that customer can be with them for a very long time (6 months, 12 months, 5 years, etc.). The types of businesses that fall in this category might include spas, gyms, chiropractors, and others that focus on having the customer come in multiple times as a result of them loving the service provided.

A personal trainer, for example, can easily make $2000 per client that they work with.

We’ve done multiple trainings on the different niches, so we won’t dive deep into those, but the key is looking at businesses who charge a high value for their services, taking into account the lifetime value of the customer.

The value of the customer is important, because we know that if the client can charge multiple 4-5 figures for a customer, you can easily charge them $1500-$2000+ per month for your services.

Because realistically, $2000 is nothing to a business where your services can bring in multiple clients for them in a single month.

If a business can make $8,000 from 4-5 customers, they will gladly pay $2000 every single month to get that.

It’s an easy mathematical equation that benefits the business owner. In fact, these prices are actually considered low! So it’s easy to charge this amount when you can get results for a client.

In the Lifestyle Marketeer Program, we give a detailed explanation of how the pricing actually works, and why it works. In summary, when you can generate leads for a business, they can turn a fraction of those into customers, and that’s really what they pay for.

Any business that isn’t willing to pay to grow their business is going to struggle at some point. Most businesses are NOT like this.

In fact, most businesses want to grow and are always looking for ways to get more customers.

They just don’t know how. They are unable to do it on their own.

A question we see a lot from people is “why don’t business owners just do it themselves?”.

Well here’s the plain fact about business owners, and we make sure that everyone who comes to James Hopkins Marketing knows this.

They are not advertisers or marketers. They don’t have the knowledge or background, nor should they!

These business owners are experienced in their field, and this is what makes them successful. It’s the main reason why you would want to provide services for them, so that they can provide THEIR services to more people.

That’s the beauty of a digital advertiser. You help other businesses to help their customers.

A business owner shouldn’t need the experience of a digital advertiser, otherwise, it would take them away from focusing on their expertise where they can help people.

This is why it’s far easier for a business owner to pay a digital advertiser to take care of it for them.

It’s why we focus on producing “Marketeers” through James Hopkins Marketing who can provide amazing results for business owners that need their help.

Now all you have to do as a digital advertiser is get 3-4 clients at $1000-$2000, and you are making a consistent, secure, monthly recurring income at $3000-$6000/mo.

It’s amazing what that kind of money can do for an expat!