One of the most common questions we’re asked at James Hopkins Coaching is “At what point should I hire a business coach for my company?”.


We believe that hiring a business should hire a business coach as soon as they possibly can.


Although the initial fees may seem high (especially for a startup), a business coach can quickly guide you in the right direction. 


The initial fees should therefore be seen as an investment, rather than an upfront cost. 


Hiring a business coach can help you to significantly increase the rate at which you expand your business, helping you to improve your profits and hire new individuals for your team.


During this process, they can also help you save a significant amount of both time and money in terms of mistakes. 


Mistakes at any point in your business can be extremely costly. 


A business coach can help you to highlight these mistakes before they occur, helping you to avoid them altogether. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, we use many techniques to help our clients avoid problems. 


One of which is in-depth planning.


Whilst planning itself can be completed internally, a business coach will help you to clarify your plan, ensuring it aligns with your long term vision. 


This extra opinion is extremely important, especially in the first few years of your operations in which a mistake can be very costly. 


In addition to this, a business coach can also inform you if you’re going slightly off track with your performance. 


In the day to day life of running a business, you will often find yourself completing hundreds of tasks. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and consequently you may not always be able to make the best decisions. 


When working with clients at James Hopkins Coaching, it is not uncommon to find that our clients haven’t actually realised their performance has dropped. 


They are often too caught up in the moment. We help them realise this, allowing them to realign their work efforts and take breaks if necessary. 


One of the biggest long term investments of hiring a business coach, is that they will help you to get out of a “business rut”.


At times, you may find that your business simply cannot grow any further.


You’ve tried every technique and strategy you know of with little to no success. Not only can this become very stressful, but it can be costly too. 


A business coach can help you to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. 


At James Hopkins Coaching, we find that taking a step back and looking at the situation in a new light is often the best way to grow. 


This is exactly what you’ll receive with a business coach.


The initial investment you paid will often be paid back in double in both the amount of money you’ll save from getting out of a rut, to the amount of profit you’ll be able to produce after doing so.