Many people want to travel or at least have the freedom to do what they want living abroad while still maintaining a healthy home life.

It’s a big reason why people come to James Hopkins Marketing.

Whether you are currently in your home country working a 9-5 or you’re already living abroad working a job, there is a huge part of you that feels stuck.

Stuck in the same spot that you can’t get out of.

Stuck working hours at a job that is both mentally and physically draining.

Stuck in a location that prevents you from hopping on a plane or a train and getting to a new destination that takes your breath away.

And worse, stuck in a job, in a place where you had every intention to enjoy.

Life isn’t meant to be wasted. It’s about having experiences.

It’s something that everyone at James Hopkins Marketing loves.

So whether you want those experiences at home or in Chiang Mai, you have to make choices that put you in a position to enjoy them.

And these choices?

It’s about making a secure income for yourself. The kind that allows you to make decisions for your happiness because your time is so important.

I’m not talking about $2k/mo so you can live in Vietnam where the cost of living is so much cheaper than London.

I’m talking about $5k, $10k, $15k/mo that gives you the leverage to be where you want, when you want.

What’s the difference between someone who makes $10k living in Bali versus someone making $2k?

We’ll look at two individuals.

Let’s say Sam makes $10k/mo and Chris makes $2k/mo.

Sam is sleeping peacefully in his beautiful villa in Bali while Chris is getting chewed up by mosquitoes in the room he’s sharing with 3 other people.

Sam wakes up, checks his computer, and he sees that he’s already collected $4000 in the first week of the month because his clients have paid him automatically.
Chris has to get up early and ride his scooter to his teaching job and continue to scrape by another day.

Tomorrow, Sam wants to go to Kuala Lumpur for a few days to visit friends and then head to Dublin for the rest of the year so he can be there for his sister’s wedding and the birth of his brother’s daughter.

Of course, he gets to do that because he has plenty of cash on hand. More importantly, he’ll be going back home to his villa in Bali, because he never needed to get rid of it.

Tomorrow, Chris will be back at his teaching job and have to turn down spending time with friends in the evening because he has to teach online that night.

See the difference?

Sam gets to live with freedom… the freedom to do what he wants, when he wants. To be able to explore new places but also live as he pleases back home.

The best of both worlds.

But how does he do it?

People like Sam follow a proven process, a game plan, that takes them to a place where they can look back and say “wow I’ve made it”.

It’s not complicated.

It just gives you a proper sequence so that in most cases, you don’t really have to think. You can just DO.

And that’s what makes people like Sam a success. That’s what makes our students at James Hopkins Marketing a success.

The following is the same process we teach our students. These are people who are complete BEGINNERS who have zero knowledge of how to do this stuff, and yet they quickly get results and create the time freedom they’ve been dreaming about years.

Making that dream become a reality is what gets us excited and it’s why we love to share this with you.