One of the things that really stands out when people want to get started with an online business is that they feel they need to be an expert before they start.


But everything we’ve done at James Hopkins Coaching to help people start an online business has been completely the opposite.


And these same principles that we’ve used have been used since the dawn of time.


Let me explain why.


Society has conditioned us that we have to go to college and school to learn everything there is about everything before we can go and apply the knowledge to help people.


This comes from years of schooling and testing before we are sent out into the real world to provide value to people at our jobs.


But what happens is that people don’t really get to apply their knowledge for years. And when they finally get a chance to do it, they see that they have to learn “on the job” to better understand their experience and what they know, whilst learning new things as they test and experiment.


The key to a successful business or even being successful at a job is that it comes down to learning, testing, and implementing, and it’s something we make a focal point at James Hopkins Coaching.


The learning part isn’t enough. You still have to apply it to what you’re doing and create results.


This is how all great companies are built. They may have only a little bit of knowledge about something, or barely any at all.


But where they excel is in implementing that knowledge, running tests, implementing more, until they get to a final product. 


And if you didn’t know, that final product goes under more tests and variations, because it is never fully complete.


That is the beauty of creating a product or service that focuses on providing value.


We tell everyone that comes to James Hopkins Coaching that they don’t need to be an expert. They don’t need to have all the answers to create a successful online business.


They just need to have the willingness to learn, test, and improve their service.


Because not only do we give the knowledge and resources to learn the skills to provide amazing services to clients with an online social media business, we also give the coaching to learn how to improve the service to make it better.


There is no product or service that is perfect from day one. But the best service is one that gets results, and is able to be refined to get better results over time.


When you can learn something, implement, learn some more, and implement that, then you have everything you need to start an online business.


No one starts out as an expert in their field. They become an expert after learning and implementing. 


We have students at James Hopkins Coaching who land a client, and that client tells them “wow you must have been doing this for years!”


But in reality, they’ve only had the knowledge for a few months. The key is that they learned it, immediately tested it, refined it, and implemented it some more.


So no, you don’t need to be an expert. It doesn’t even have to be your goal. You just need the willingness to learn what’s given to you, and take action with it.